Climate Crisis

Crisis in the Cost of Living

Cross Straits Dynamics

China-US relationship

Chips War

Contentious Elections

International Engagement

 “Phar Kim Beng’s Insightful Interviews” playlist, where we delve deep into global events and the ever-evolving dynamics of the Indo-Pacific region. Dr. Phar Kim Beng, a renowned expert and thought leader in international affairs, leads these captivating conversations with prominent guests from around the world.

In this carefully curated playlist, you’ll find a series of thought-provoking interviews that shed light on crucial geopolitical developments, economic trends, and strategic challenges that shape our world. Dr. Phar Kim Beng’s engaging discussions provide invaluable insights into the complex interplay of political, economic, and security factors in the Indo-Pacific and beyond.

Whether you’re a student of international relations, a seasoned diplomat, a business leader exploring opportunities in the region, or simply an informed global citizen, these interviews offer a wealth of knowledge and analysis. From the rise of China and its implications for the international order to regional security challenges, trade dynamics, and the role of key actors, each video provides a deep dive into pressing global issues.

Food Security

Frozen Conflicts

Fuel Crisis

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