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Phar Kim Beng, Ph.D., is the Founder CEO of Strategic Pan Indo-Pacific Arena. He is the Senior Advisor (Asia-Pacific) of the Bluebridge Education Group┬ásince 2022. He was previously the Director of Political and Security Community in ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia in the first half of 2019 prior to his residence in London and University of Cambridge. While in Jakarta and London, he successfully facilitated the bridging loan between Japan and Indonesia. This effort help the formation of Indonesia’s first Sovereign Fund. Currently he is a regular columnist for The Jakarta Post. Some of his articles in The Jakarta Post and elsewhere are curated in Authory. Prior to his return to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in January 2020, he has been attached to various academic institutions foremost of which were Harvard University, University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, University of Notre Dame and International Islamic University Malaysia. Between 1997 to 2022 he was a visiting scholar in various Japanese academic and research Institutions, during which he completed numerous advance academic courses online, especially during the Global Pandemic Lockdown.

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