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Indonesia’s National Resilience A Paradise Lost – ASEAN’s Struggle with Pandemics and Other Endemic


This book explores Indonesia’s significance in the Indo-Pacific region and its ability to remain resilient in the face of geopolitical events, focusing on seven key points.

  1. Why Indonesia will not be weakened by events in Myanmar: The book addresses the geopolitical challenges posed by events in Myanmar and argues that Indonesia’s internal stability and foreign policy approach position it to navigate such challenges without significant weakening.
  2. Indonesia is a Pan Indo-Pacific superpower: It highlights Indonesia’s growing influence and its unique position as a pan Indo-Pacific superpower, bridging the eastern and western reaches of this vast region.
  3. Indonesian thought leadership critical for Indo-Pacific strategies: The book emphasizes the importance of Indonesia’s thought leadership in shaping and guiding Indo-Pacific strategies, given its geopolitical weight and strategic location.
  4. From Bandung conference to Indo-Pacific strategy (Part 1): The book delves into the historical context of Indonesia’s foreign policy, tracing its roots back to the Bandung Conference of 1955 and how this historical legacy influences its contemporary Indo-Pacific strategy.
  5. From Bandung conference to Indo-Pacific strategy (Part 2): Building upon the historical foundation, this section explores how Indonesia’s foreign policy has evolved to adapt to the changing dynamics of the Indo-Pacific, including its alliances and partnerships.
  6. ASEAN is collapsing in the face of COVID-19: The book discusses the challenges faced by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and how Indonesia’s leadership within ASEAN plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges.
  7. Turning tragedies into technological alliances: Finally, the book explores Indonesia’s approach to turning regional tragedies and challenges into opportunities for technological alliances, highlighting the nation’s innovative strategies for fostering cooperation and development.

In summary, “Indonesia’s Role in the Indo-Pacific” provides an in-depth analysis of Indonesia’s geopolitical importance, its historical foundations, and its contemporary leadership in the Indo-Pacific region. It argues that Indonesia is well-positioned to navigate the complex challenges of the region while actively contributing to its growth and stability.


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