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Random Reflections on National, Regional and Global Events for 2022 – A selection of critical reflections 1


“Diplomatic Insights” is a thought-provoking collection of articles and essays that delve into various international and regional issues. Here’s a summary of the key topics covered in the book:

  1. Does Malaysia’s unity government lack Malay support?: This piece explores the dynamics of Malaysia’s unity government and raises questions about its level of support among the Malay population.
  2. ‘Kita Boleh’ has resulted in Malaysians’ first victory: It celebrates the collective achievements of Malaysians and their “Kita Boleh” (“We Can”) spirit in securing their first victory.
  3. A mute secretary-general undermines ASEAN centrality: The article discusses the importance of an active and engaged ASEAN secretary-general in maintaining the organization’s centrality in regional affairs.
  4. Putin’s nuclear threats on ‘extinction-level’ event: This piece addresses the implications of Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats and the potential for an “extinction-level” event.
  5. When the bear cannot hug the dragon: It explores the complexities of Russia-China relations and their implications for the global balance of power.
  6. The Time is Ripe for a Canada-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: This article advocates for a Canada-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and highlights the opportune moment for such a development.
  7. Marginalized or Pivotal Middle Power? Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategic Choice: It delves into Canada’s strategic positioning in the Indo-Pacific region and its potential to be a pivotal middle power.
  8. Macron must engage Indonesia and new capital Nusantara to build global peace: The piece emphasizes the role of France’s engagement with Indonesia and the new capital, Nusantara, in promoting global peace.
  9. The Linear Granularity and Muscular Diplomacy of the Japan-Australia Reciprocal Access Agreement: This article examines the Japan-Australia Reciprocal Access Agreement, focusing on its diplomatic significance and implications.
  10. Too good to be true?: It raises critical questions about the authenticity and feasibility of certain international developments or agreements.
  11. The Linear Granularity and Muscular Diplomacy of the Japan-Australia Reciprocal Access Agreement (This entry appears to be a duplicate of entry #9).

“Diplomatic Insights” offers a diverse range of perspectives on contemporary global affairs, showcasing the complexity of international relations and the challenges and opportunities faced by nations and organizations in today’s world. The collection encourages readers to engage with pressing diplomatic issues and consider various viewpoints.


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