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US-China Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific


In “Indo-Pacific Encounters,” the book is divided into three parts, each exploring the intricate web of relationships between Southeast Asia and global superpowers.

Part I: The America and China Encounter with Southeast Asia

  1. Biden and Xi must now meet to get a handle on Indo-Pacific and the pandemic: This section discusses the imperative for a meeting between U.S. President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping to address critical issues in the Indo-Pacific region, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic.
  2. Biden has to be firm against Myanmar for strategic benefits: The book delves into the strategic implications of the Biden administration’s stance on Myanmar, emphasizing the need for resolute action.
  3. Better ‘wolf warriors’ than sheep wolfskin: It analyzes the role of China’s “wolf warrior” diplomats and their effectiveness in shaping China’s foreign policy and image.
  4. Forget decoupling. China’s economy is wedded to globalization: This section challenges the notion of decoupling from the Chinese economy, arguing that it remains deeply integrated into the global economic system.
  5. China not at the top yet: It explores China’s position in the global hierarchy and argues that while influential, it has not yet attained the pinnacle of global power.

Part II: Southeast Asian Encounters with America and China 6. ASEAN is failing on the South China Sea: The book assesses the effectiveness of ASEAN in addressing the South China Sea disputes, highlighting its challenges.

  1. ASEAN and China have entered the ‘Zero Gravity Zone’ in Myanmar: This section analyzes ASEAN’s role in the complex situation in Myanmar, emphasizing the evolving dynamics.
  2. Deadlock of ASEAN on Special Envoy to Myanmar is a fallacious problem: It challenges the significance of the deadlock within ASEAN regarding a Special Envoy to Myanmar and suggests alternative perspectives.
  3. ASEAN summit: Shooting star of no cosmic impact: The book evaluates the outcomes of ASEAN summits and their broader implications on regional stability and cooperation.
  4. The jury is still out on Beijing’s ‘Vaccine Diplomacy’: This section scrutinizes China’s vaccine diplomacy efforts in Southeast Asia, highlighting the uncertain outcomes.

Part III: European Encounters with Southeast Asia amidst Sino-America Rivalry 11. United Kingdom takes a deep dive into the past to pivot to the East: It examines the UK’s strategic pivot toward the Indo-Pacific region, drawing on its historical connections.

  1. Is France capable of being an Indo-Pacific power?: The book questions France’s capacity to assert itself as an Indo-Pacific power and discusses its regional ambitions.
  2. What China, East Asia have to fear from Macron’s hollow ‘victory’ in France: This section evaluates the implications of French President Macron’s political victory on the dynamics of the Indo-Pacific.
  3. Why Brexit strengthens Beijing’s hand in the South China Sea: It explores how Brexit impacts China’s position in the South China Sea and its relations with Southeast Asia.

“Indo-Pacific Encounters” provides a multi-faceted analysis of the complex interactions between superpowers, Southeast Asia, and Europe in the Indo-Pacific region, offering valuable insights into the geopolitical challenges and opportunities in this vital area of the world.


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