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The US Senate is taking quick steps to keep India on its side

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The US accepts McMahon Line as border between India and China, Arunachal Pradesh as integral part of India

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, the US seems to be intent on strengthening ties with India, an increasingly key democratic ally of the West.

The US Senate has taken a few significant steps, particularly over long-pending issues, in the past few days, sending a strong pro-India signal. These include the appointment of a new ambassador and validation of India’s stand on a decades-old border dispute with China.

“We see India as a trusted technology partner and we want to deepen our tech relationship with India…We want to deepen our technology relationship with India,” Gina Raimondo, US commerce secretary said last week, during a four-day visit to the south Asian nation.

Earlier, a delegation of US Senators visited India last month to discuss a partnership in critical technologies, clean energy, and joint development. Building a trusted supply chain was also among its key focus areas.

While India is actively diversifying its supply chain partners, the US is inking deals with it to secure trade cooperation and diplomatic allegiance. This also comes amid China’s deepening ties with Russia, which is clearly bothering the US.

Given India’s own rising strategic position and booming trade with Russia, the US and key European nations have placed much importance on it. India being a major buyer of Russian military equipment does not sit well with the West either.

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